I-Tone Picks will increase your ability to get the sound you want out of your instrument by increasing Tone, Volume, and Clarity!  Made from the material used by NASA in construction of the Space Shuttle, I-Tone Picks produce the clearest tone AND has the most wear-resistance and overall durability ever produced in a flat pick!





“One of the first things that made me a fan of the pick,
other than the huge sound it brings out of an instrument,
is when I dropped it onto a hard surface,
it sounded like ivory when it hit.

It has a crystal clear tone to it ~
even when dropped against something that doesn’t resonate. 
It gets the absolute best tone, volume, and clarity
out of my mandolin and guitar. 
Being a professional musician for 29 years,
I’ve always been looking for something to make
my instrument more connected to me. 
These picks do just that. 

If you want to bring out the most powerful,
most natural, clear tone from
your instrument,
you are going to love
I-Tone Picks!” 

Shawn Lane
co-founder of I-Tone Picks,
and co-founder of the heralded 3-time Grammy nominated,
multi-award winning band Blue Highway 






"The I-Tone Pick has solved the problem of how to get the brightest tone with the least pick noise!  These things rock!"
~ Cory Piatt, of the band Mountain Faith


"I LOVE THESE PICKS!  Crystal clear highs and warm woody lows -- with no pick noise!  What else could you ask for?!"
~ Harry Clark of The Wooks


"Best pick I've ever owned or used!!
It makes hitting the strings and getting good tone practically effortless."
Jacob Burleson of Volume Five


"Love this I-Tone Pick!  I've used it every set with Lonesome River Band since I got it, and will continue to do so!" 
Jesse Smathers of Lonesome River Band

 "Shawn Lane's Onyx I-Tone Pick is my favorite guitar pick ever! I’ve always been of the opinion that a player’s hand has more to do with how good he sounds, but the Onyx I-Tone Pick will very noticeably drag even better tone out of your instrument than any other pick! And the fella that makes them is a fine gentleman as well! Get yours today!"
~ Gaven Largent of the GRAMMY Award winning Dailey & Vincent


"Shawn Lane has introduced these new I-Tone Picks. In short, they'll pull good crisp tone out of a rubber band!  At least to my ear. The coolest thing is when Shawn drops one of them on a hard table top, it's the neatest sounding "tink-tink." It reveals how tough the stuff is! I can't tell you any more than what's already written here, except to go get yours today!"  
~ Gaven Largent of Blue Highway  (2016) 

* Nominated SPBGMA Dobro Player of the Year 2016, 2018 *


Original I-Tone Pick
  • Original I-Tone Pick

Original I-Tone Pick

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The I-Tone PIck will increase your ability to get the sound you want out of your instrument by increasing tone, volume, and clarity!

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  • I-Tone 41 pick thickness is 41 thousandths of an inch.
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Pick Dimensions

Dimensions of the Original I-Tone and the Limited Edition Onyx Picks: * 41 thousandths of an inch thick * * Approximately 1.25" wide*