Blue Highway's Shawn Lane Introduces Space Age I-Tone Pick

WALHALLA, SC (October 5, 2016)  -- Blue Highway’s heralded vocalist, instrumentalist, and songwriter Shawn Lane and Clemson University engineer associate Brad Poore have unveiled a game-changing new flat pick called the I-Tone Pick

The I-Tone Pick is made from the same material used by NASA in construction of the Space Shuttle.  The almost indestructible material has one of the highest wear and temperature ratings known to man, and delivers crystal clear tone and clarity when it strikes the strings. 

The rare material is almost ivory-like, and dramatically increases the volume, tone, and clarity musicians get from their stringed instruments. Remarkably, it also creates little to no pick noise. 

Shawn Lane praised the I-Tone Pick, saying: 

“One of the first things that made me a fan of the pick, besides the huge sound it brings out of an instrument, is when I dropped it on a hard surface, it sounded like ivory when it hit. It has a crystal clear tone to it, even when dropped against something that doesn’t resonate.  It gets the absolute best tone, volume, and clarity out of my mandolin and guitar. As a professional musician for 27 years, I’ve always been looking for something to make my instrument more connected to me. These picks do just that.  If you want to bring out the most powerful, most natural, clear tone from your instrument, you are going to love I-Tone Picks!” 

Professional musicians are heralding the I-Tone Pick for the sound it brings from their instrument: 

"The I-Tone Pick has solved the problem of how to get the brightest tone with the least pick noise!  These things rock!"   -- Cory Piatt, of the band Mountain Faith.

"Crystal clear highs and warm woody lows -- with no pick noise!  What else could you ask for?!  I love these picks!"  -- Harry Clark, of the band Volume Five 

Shawn Lane and Jacob Burleson of the Kenny & Amanda Smith Band are featured in a video, showcasing the I-Tone Pick’s sound on mandolin and guitar: 

I-Tone Picks are available at and

A special Launch Week Promotion will enter all orders placed Oct 4-11 at to win an autographed set of Shawn Lane’s solo albums. 


Press Release courtesy:
Sherri George
Publicist and Tour Manager, Blue Highway