What Purchasers Are Saying!


"This is the only pick I use on stage and record, since Shawn sold me my first one. Absolutely love it." ~ T. Wayne Bailey, Jan 21, 2022.

"I got one of your picks three years ago from my mandolin player who scoured the earth for picks. It's been my number one pick. Daily. It's lasted ten times longer than any of my other thousands of picks. Thank you for your superiority!!  This pick of yours is exceptional!" ~ Peter Morley, Nov 13, 2020.

"I'm using I-Tone Picks, and get a great sound with them! After playing mine for around a year, it still isn't worn. So if you're wondering about them .. Go ahead! Get one .. Order and find out for yourself! Thanks, Shawn Lane!!" -- Bobby Shepherd, Dec 6, 2017.

"Best pick I have ever used. You can not go wrong with these." - Mike Tallent, Lead Singer and Mandolin Player, Unbridled Strings Band, Sep 20, 2017.

"I have been using my I-Tone at every gig, and it has basically replaced my BlueChip." - Bobby Shepherd, Just Us Bluegrass Band, Sep 9, 2017.

"As an amateur musician I was leary of spending $35 for a pick, but I heard and felt the difference as soon as I tried it and believe it is worth the investment. It is firm with just a bit of flexibility that suits me perfectly." - Sally Berger. July 22, 2017.

"I bought an I-Tone Pick at Blue Highway's last show today at Dollywood. This pick is amazing in sound and playability. Not only is does my picking have a clearer sound, but this pick goes through the strings smooth as butter unlike my Blue Chip pick. Definitely worth the money." ~ Keith Turner.  June 3, 2017.

"Excellent picks. I love mine as well!"  - Tim Carter.  Nov 3, 2016.

"I love mine. The best pick I've ever played with!" - Austin Mann.  Nov 2, 2016.

"I absolutely love this pick! Thanks, Shawn!   It was just the right pick to bring out all the different colors in my, D-40QM. Thanks so much from the Icy Holler Band .." - Daniel Norton, from Tennessee. Oct 23, 2016.

"Got mine two weeks ago... soon became my first choice over my TS and BC picks. Money well spent!" - Greg Ward. Oct 18, 2016.

"Got mine today! Man, can this thing pull some tone! Crystal clear and loud too! Great sounding pick! Thanks!"  - Doug Young, Oct 13, 2016

"Received mine yesterday, less than a week after ordering. I like it better than Blue Chip picks! Thanks Shawn!" - Dan Simon, from Michigan. Oct 12, 2016

"I have one of Shawn's picks if anyone would like to try one out! I have had mine for 3 weeks today and haven't put it down! It's the real deal!!" - David Yates. Oct 8, 2016.

"Great pick. Picked one up from Shawn at one of his shows. Great tone and very smooth... replaced my Blue Chip!!" - Randy Graham. Oct 8, 2016.

"It's worth every penny, y'all .. I just bought mine last weekend .. The I-Tone Pick helps with clarity and volume on darker instruments, yet, it's not brittle  .. Add it to your collection. I have a couple TAD 60's, but love the tonal versatility the I-Tone 41 adds. ..  I still like my Blue Chip, but this I-Tone has some characteristics I haven't found with any other pick." - Mickey Justice. Oct 6, 2016.

"This is one heck of a pick! It's exactly as Shawn described it. I'm glad I got it ... The best way I can describe the I-Tone 41 is clarity and separation of frequencies from one note to the next.. Thank you for taking the plunge and marketing these!" - Mickey Justice.  Oct 6, 2016.

"I bought a prototype from Shawn after Blue Highway's set at DelFest 2 years ago, and I love it. I have 2 Blue Chips as well -- but I almost always use the I-Tone!"  - Matt Baldwin. Oct 5, 2016.

"This pick gets great tone and glides over the strings .. the design seems to improve pick control also.  I got mine at a recent show in Columbus .. thanks, Shawn!!" - Daryn Steed.  Oct 5, 2016.

"It's my new fave pick, and I never thought I'd replace my organic pick with anything else!  I got in early on this one when Shawn had a couple prototypes available at G'burg!!" -  Lisa Kay Howard-Hughes.  Oct 4, 2016.

"I've had a pair since last Spring. I've used them since, both practicing and on stage .. They are very good!" - Stan Wass of Mandolin Camp North. Oct 4, 2016.

"I got one, and I love it!!" - Jim Walton.  Oct 4, 2016.